I write what I like to write – Sci-Fi with strong female leads (being a woman, women are what I know best!). My interest in technology and engineering probably started around age 6 with Lego Technics (thanks, Dad). An Aerospace Engineering Degree followed, and then I was side-tracked by the lure of copious cash in Information Technology and Business. But, after some soul searching around a ‘big life event’, I returned to my creative roots through the joy of screenwriting, and now my craft is blossoming.

Determined to succeed in screenwriting, I have re-focused my time and energy again, following the most gorgeous distraction (‘big life event’) in my life – my son. My cunning plan for screenwriting success is maturing, having gained an MA Screenwriting (Film and TV) from Royal Holloway in my spare time some years ago, to now dedicating the majority of my time to nurturing my skills with various training courses, including ScreenwritingU (who are a massive step above anything I’ve been exposed to previously). And I’m just starting my ‘awareness campaign’ – watch this space.

But most importantly, I love it. It fires me up. It gives me energy. I want to get up in the morning to do it. And that, to me, is what life is about. Being the best role model I can be for my son, by doing what I want to do – and doing it well. I hope my best is good enough for you!